TopBiz Promotion Packages Guide

Ever since our latest update to the TopBiz platform, you may have seen some lightning around.

However, we’re not talking about glorious bolts of electricity barreling out of the sky…

We’re talking about the new Promotion platform and promoted listings!

What Are Promoted Listings?

Here at TopBiz, we’re all about helping local businesses crush their marketing and growth goals. And that’s why we believe in giving the new kid on the block a chance to vie for someone’s business toe-to-toe with the biggest competitors in their area.

However, what if you don’t have the same amount of raving reviews? What if you’re stuck on the 5th or even 6th spot of search results?

Don’t stress out – this is exactly why we’ve created the Promotion platform!

An example of a promoted listing appearing in search results!

How Do Promotion Packages Work?

By default, our search algorithm uses a mixture of a business’ rating, proximity to your location, and contextual relevance (based on the content they add to their listing) to determine the best results for your search.

However, businesses are able to purchase a promotion package to appear above the rest of the search results.

Here’s the priority hierarchy:

  1. Promoted Businesses (Tier 2, Tier 1)
  2. Featured Listings
  3. Verified Business Listings (Claimed Listings)
  4. Normal Listings

This means promoted businesses will always appear higher in the search results than other businesses on our platform – given that they qualify in terms of relevance, proximity and other factors.

Promotion Tiers

At the moment, there are two tiers of promoted listings available on TopBiz, Tier 1 and Tier 2.

The key difference between the two of them is centered around their priority in search results.

Tier 1 Promoted Listings appear above featured, verified, and regular listings. On the other hand, Tier 2 Promoted Listings appear above all listings, including Tier 1.

How To Promote Your Business

So, let’s say that you’re interested in the promotion program and would like to promote your business on TopBiz.

Thankfully, the whole process is super simple and you can get started in 3 simple steps.

You can promote your business via the “My Listings” tab on your dashboard.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3:

As we mentioned above, there are only 3 short and easy steps involved in promoting your business on the TopBiz platform.

  1. Go to the “My Listings” interface, find the listing you’d like to promote, and click the “Promote” button on the listing’s card.
  2. Select the tier of promotion that you’d like for your business.
  3. Check out – and voila! Your business listing is now promoted!

Pretty simple, huh?


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